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Specification Quality Assurance

As part of the services it provides, Fisher Maritime reviews the technical specifications for major projects during contract formation to remove ambiguities, ensure completeness of expressed intents, clarify the assignment of responsibilities, and prevent the potential for ambiguous assumptions by bidders.

Sample Cases


Fisher Maritime prepared the construction agreement for its client shipowner for a multi-ship class of triple-screw ocean-going anchor handling tugs. This preparation included a thorough review and amendment of the shipyard's proposed specifications and contract plans.

A reasonable set of suggested specifications was modified by Fisher Maritime into a tight set of requirements that vastly improved the quality of the product that the client ship owner would receive. Fisher Maritime also introduced into the project the concept of inclining the outboard azimuthing thrusters to improve performance and reduce maintenance.

The project was completed quickly, in part because the contents of the agreement contained a clear definition of the responsibilities of each party. Whenever a potential problem arose, it was readily resolved because the contract already anticipated such a potential. This fostered an exceptionally good working relationship between the owner and the shipyard.


A major conversion project on a special service ship was to be undertaken for Fisher Maritime's client, the shipowner. A ship conversion project is far more likely to experience changes and growth work due to the need to define both the starting and the endpoints of the conversion; whereas shipbuilding need only define the endpoint.

Having used our services previously on other projects, the owner asked us to revise the draft contract and draft specifications to minimize the likelihood of growth work, changes or disputes. Several of Fisher Maritime's senior consultants focused their expertise on this project.

During project execution by the shipyard, our client was relatively silent. Finally, the outcome was reported by the client: “No changes, no growth, no disputes. Thanks.”


Additional sample cases underscoring Fisher Maritime's experience are presented in the link below.

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