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  • “This is a course from which much additional knowledge can be gained. Beneficial to all attending from either ship owning/managing or shipyards.”

    — A.M., Senior Repair Planner

  • “An excellent balance of very informative material. I feel much more confident in managing a contract. I thought it was the best course I have received while in the Canadian Forces.”

    — A.N., Canadian Department of National Defense

  • “Every topic — without exception — was essential to successful shipyard contract management. Extremely worthwhile.”

    — A.O., Ship Owner's Representative

  • “Great benefit to taking course before getting involved with a major contract. Hard to improve.”

    — B.A., Program Manager, Major US Shipyard

  • “Excellent seminar. Dr. Fisher's examples and analyses drove home the importance of individual components of the large contract management picture.”

    — B.E., Project Manager, Major US Shipyard

  • “Great course that makes you look at the contract as a whole whilst still focusing on specific issues that can have great impact. I will be better prepared to manage our contracts from inception to reality.”

    — B.H., New Zealand Fishing Fleet Manager

  • “Excellent program! We should be able to avoid many future disputes through pre-contract review.”

    — C .B., Major Sub-Contractor to Shipyards

  • “I suggest that no one pass up the opportunity. There is a wealth of important information conveyed.”

    — Contract Administrator, Canadian Shipyard

  • “This is a good program for those who have the responsibility to develop, negotiate, and then administer contracts and specifications.”

    — Contract Manager, Major Newbuilding Shipyard

  • “Great eye-opener! Dr. Fisher's experience really shows up as he guides you through the jungles of contract misunderstandings.”

    — 0.C.R., Project Engineer, Major US Marine Vendor

  • “I especially benefited from the actual problems experienced between shipyards and owners. I also appreciated the in-depth discussions on contract language, contractor point-of-view, contractor management philosophies and negotiation/resolution techniques. Excellent presentation. Well done!”

    — D.S., Canadian Department of National Defense

  • “A global understanding of ship repair contracts and problems comes out of this course.”

    — E.G., Canadian Department of National Defense

  • “A good, pragmatic approach to contract management. Many useful ideas on how to structure a contract before it's signed.”

    — E.G.B., Canadian Fleet Operator

  • “Most insightful program leading to a better understanding of cost-effective management. I also benefited by listening to other participants sharing their contract problems.”

    — F.G., Project Manager, Canadian Shipyard

  • “It is a good introduction ... even for those of us who have been in the business. It's good to hear how the other side sees the problems.”

    — F.S., NOAA National Ocean Service

  • “I benefited by learning better negotiating techniques.”

    — G.C., Assistant Program Manager, US Naval Shipyard

  • “A better understanding of the inter-relationship between shipyards and their customers. I am certain my future dealings with shipyards will be more in my favor.”

    — H.P., Canadian Ferry Operator

  • “The course content is excellent, containing a great deal of good solid material based on experience, which will increase the knowledge and confidence of those involved in ship contracts.”

    — I.A.H., Director for 30+ Vessels

  • “All naval personnel going to Canadian Forces QAR should be required to have this training.”

    — J.A., Canadian Department of National Defense

  • “The program is very interesting and relevant for those involved in contract management, especially for the many practical and real cases that Dr. Fisher shares with attendees.”

    — J.A.V., Superintendent, European Fleet Operator

  • “Many tips on how to improve our contracts, to the benefit of both parties. A better understanding of the other party's view point.”

    — J.B., Manager, International Survey Ship Operator

  • “The course provides an appreciation of the goals and working methods of both contractor and owner. It goes a long way to explaining the source of many disputes.”

    — J.D.M., Canadian Navy

  • “Emphasizes the need for pre-contract review, maintaining control over change orders and reading the contract before, during and after work has started.”

    — J.D.W., Canadian Coast Guard

  • “After 15 years dealing in gov't service contracts, I felt confident in my skills as a negotiator and subcontracts manager. This course was a rude awakening for myself and I will benefit greatly from the content.”

    — J.G., Program Manager, Operator of US Navy Ships

  • “Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of contract management. Beneficial for Contracts, Program Management, and Senior Technical personnel alike. Our Project Eng'rs learned many practical do's and don'ts.”

    — J.M., Engineering Manager, Major US Shipyard

  • “This course defines and emphasizes the distinct functions and responsibilities of a contract manager vis-a-vis project manager. Clear focus!”

    — J.Z., US Army Corps of Engineers

  • “Better management of reports and changes that are part of drydock and dockside availabilities is the result of this course.”

    — K.C., US Coast Guard

  • “Good refresher course for the experienced contract manager. Valuable Information for newcomers to contract management.”

    — K.D.E., Project Manager, Coatings Subcontractor

  • “I was able to apply my training the 2nd day back ...In particular to disruptive changes.”

    — K.L., Technical Director, Major Marine Equipment Vendor

  • “This seminar was an eye-opener. It made me realize how important it was to clear­ up contract ambiguities prior to signing.”

    — L.K., Contract Manager, Major Ship Repair Yard

  • “This course should be a compulsory part of any training given to project managers moving into the marine industry. I have certainly benefited from the change management section as this seems to take up a large portion of my working day.”

    — L.S., Project Manager, New Zealand Yacht Builder

  • “The course provided current policy and pragmatic legal interpretations for conflict resolution. I enjoyed the areas of do's and don'ts of contract negotiation.”

    — L.S.M., Ferry Operator

  • “The knowledge passed on at this course has been a very useful tool and I feel more confident in the way I handle the client/customer.”

    — M.A., Project Manager, Major UK Marine Vendor

  • “Excellent course for all who are involved in ship construction or repair and design.”

    — M.A.C., Fleet Manager

  • “We can all learn from Dr. Fisher's experience and expertise in the marine field.”

    — M.B.C., Naval Fleet Maintenance. Facility

  • “Tremendous overview covering the full spectrum of contract management from pre­ contract to post-delivery.”

    — M.G., Assistant Project Manager, Major Newbuilding Shipyard

  • “The first fresh and rational approach to resolving contract problems, starting with causes and misunderstandings which cost disproportionate amounts of money and time.”

    — N.V., Director, European Fleet Operator

  • “The curriculum touched upon every mistake we made in the past several years, indicating better approaches to solving those problems.”

    — R.B., Project Manager, European Fleet Operator

  • “I found the course put together a lot of things I knew, but needed to be reminded of. A great deal of information in three days.”

    — R.C.R., US Chief Naval Architect, Major Design Firm

  • “If you think you know all there is to know about contracting in the marine industry, reserve judgment until you take this course!”

    — R.O., Canadian Department of National Defense

  • “This class should have preceded my shipyard floundering.”

    — Repair Manager, State Agency

  • “A very informative and practical seminar. It has already come into great use in a fairly difficult project I am currently involved in.”

    — S.B., Project Manager, UK Vessel Operator

  • “This course is a ‘must’ for anyone who is involved in contract management. Well structured, systematic approach, supported by endless examples from real life.”

    — T .G., General Manager, New Zealand Custom Yacht Builder

  • “We should have had this course 5 years ago.”

    — T.H., Financial Manager, Canadian Patrol Frigates

  • “Good program. Gave me many insights to be used in future shipyard contracts to save megabucks.”

    — T.L., Canadian Tug/Barge Operator

  • “A well-documented and organized seminar directing contract managers in much­needed practices to prevent costly errors.”

    — T.O., Program Manager, Operator of Government Vessels

  • “This course will teach anyone how to shape a contract into what you'll need and to control that contract to keep all parties safe and happy.”

    — Technical Director for US Ship Owner

  • “Now I know what some of the traps look like, so I won't fall into them again. Definitely a course that should be taken prior to undertaking a major project or multi-vessel project.”

    — W.C., Project Manager, US Fleet Operator

  • “A must for anyone who is involved (even remotely) with contract management.”

    — Z .H., Canadian Department of National Defense

  • “Gained considerable insight into what motivates private shipyards.”

    — W.H., Foreign Navy


Contract Management for
Ship Construction, Repair, & Design

Now available as an interactive video presentation.

(Four 2-hour Zoom sessions scheduled for your team's convenience.)

Previously attended by nearly 6000 representatives of 500+ organizations from 28 countries.

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Do your job responsibilities fall into any of the following categories? If so, our Contract Management course may be right for you.

  • Project Managers (Yards and Owners)
  • Contract Managers & Specialists
  • Newbuilding Shipyards & Repair Yards
  • Fleet Managers
  • Shipyard General Managers
  • Financial Managers (Yards and Owners)
  • Ship Conversion Specialists
  • Naval Architects & Marine Surveyors
  • Federal, State, & Provincial Agencies (such as the US Government's Military Sealift Command)
  • Ferry Operators (Public & Private)
  • Naval Shipyards
  • Owner's Representatives
  • On-Site Representatives
  • Major Equipment Vendors
  • Marine Superintendents
  • Consultants & Attorneys

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This program is based on actual lessons learned – not some theoretical course on contract management. It bears of lot of “scar tissue” from maritime contractual disasters. It is designed for

  1. project management staff who handle day-to-day relations with the other party
  2. persons who form contracts and specifications
  3. senior managers who monitor contract-related resources and cash flow


Dr. Kenneth Fisher is recognized worldwide as the leading authority on the development and management of complex contracts and specifications for ship construction, conversion, repair, and design. He is the author of the 2004 RINA publication, Shipbuilding Specifications: Best Practices Guidelines, and of the 2003 SNAME publication, Shipbuilding Contracts and Specifications. As an arbitrator, expert witness, consultant, and instructor for nearly 30 years, he brings clarity and organization to an otherwise-complex set of management requirements unique to the maritime industry. He is the author of the 2020 book, Shipyard Projects: Planning and Management – Insights, Lessons and Guidance.

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